Christina El Moussa Gets a Makeover and Speaks On The Beginning of ‘Flip or Flop’

Christina El Moussa is making multiple changes in her life with one of them being a makeover!

The 33-year-old blonde switched up usual straight hair for a curly hairstyle at the 2017 Real Estate Wealth Expo in Chicago Sunday.

“Had so much fun presenting at the real estate expo … now back to Cali… [peace] out Chicago,” Christina wrote on Instagram. “Thank you so much for the beautiful hair and makeup @nikimoonsalon.”

Christina was one of four panelists at the expo Sunday and talked about she and Tarek first started their house-flipping business.

“We had no money,” she said about their beginnings, adding that they made $34,000 on their first deal—flipping a home in Santa Ana, California.

She also recalled how they started their HGTV reality series.

“Tarek told me we were going to get a TV show,” she said. “He made me follow him around with a little video camera that we borrowed. And we did all the work ourselves.”

She also talked about her life at home with their kids.

“I don’t work at night,” she said. “I shut my phone off, I don’t check it. I do my routine with the kids. I don’t look at it for two hours. It’s all about being present in the moment with them. That’s one of the things we do.”


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