Music Artist Chantly Jones On New Record “I Grind”

1) Where did the name Chantly Jones Come From?

My father named me that name

2) How much influence has your parents had on your musical career?

All my life every since i was born it’s been apart of me.

3) What label are looking at to sign?

Im not to picky on a label to sign with as long as i can make my music im satisfied with that.

4) How can an artist effectively grow their following based on your experience?

Just make great music and be original in what they do as a artist

5) Do you think an artist needs a team?

Definitely every artist needs support to help them grow and gain fans

6) I Grind is the new single, how did you come up with the title?

I thought about all the hardworking people in america and what i go through in america as well

7) Why did you become a rapper?

I became a rapper because after i won my first freestyle battle at the age of 11 i knew thats what i wanted be


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