Watch Gwen Stefani Gush Over Blake Shelton on ‘Tonight Show’


Gwen Stefani appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Wednsday night (Feb. 15) and talked a variety of things but when it came to discussing things, she was very interested in talking about country all in reference to her love Blake Shelton, of course.

“Let’s just talk only about Blake, because he’s so awesome,” the singer gushed to Fallon. After discussing his first time trying sushi and Fallon’s venture milking cows with the country star, Stefani joked that Shelton is “quite miserable when he’s not in the woods or in camo.”

Among other things, Stefani shared her experience with taking Shelton to Disney Land for his first trip to the theme park. “He won’t do the rollercoasters,” she revealed, suggesting that it was “almost a deal-breaker” for her.

Stefani will be returning to The Voice for Season 12, where she’ll join her man.The season premiere hits NBC Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. ET.

Take a look at Stefani’s Tonight Show interview snippet below.


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