Tinashe Surprises Fan at a Karaoke Bar in this Week’s ‘Crashed’

The new go90 series Crashed has recently just kicked off and on a recent episode, R&B and Pop singer/songwriter Tinashe is making her appearance in the karaoke-filled third episode.

Crashed is a new web-series where family and friends can nominate a loved one to meet one of their idols in a surprise-filled setting. This week’s episode kicked off with Tinashe who is set to surprise a lady by the name of Jade who loves to sing, and just received a promotion at work.

Tinashe crashes the girls’ night out at a karaoke bar, surprising Jade as she’s on stage, about to enter the chorus of Tinashe’s “All Hands on Deck.” “While I was singing she [Tinashe] walks in and it just totally blew my mind!” says Jade. “I was so excited. I was so happy to meet her.”

Watch a clip of Tinashe on Crashed in the video below, and to watch the full episode click here.


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