Jason Derulo Claims Racism After Cops Called on AA Fligh

Jason Derulo is furious with American Airlines, saying he was disrespected, cussed out by his pilot and confronted by 15 cops after a heated incident at Miami International Airport.

Jason says he and his group of 8 arrived at the airport for a flight to L.A. Wednesday afternoon when they tried checking nearly 20 bags. He says he’s a preferred flying member and frequently flies AA but says that the AA staffer was rude and said he couldn’t check his bags.

What seemed to have happened is that Jason and friends may have arrived too late to check the bags, so one stayed behind and tried checking the bags on a later flight which is what set things off.

During this time Jason and his team were on the plane and it pulled away from the gate. His cellphone rang, and the guy he left with the bags said AA wanted to charge him $6k for the excess luggage. Jason was outraged and demanded that the plane go back to the gate so he could get off.

He says the pilot went nuts on him, and the cops were waiting as he got off. He says, if he wasn’t Jason Derulo and instead just a random black guy, he’d be in jail.


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