Soulja Boy Gives Update On Chris Brown Fight

 Soulja Boy updated the world of the boxing match between him and Chris Brown during a brief interview with TMZ at LAX on Friday (January 13).

The rapper says that he’s been training hard ahead of time of what he says to be “one of the biggest fights of the century.”

“I’ve been training every day,” he said. “I’m focused, man. I just hope to give it my best. It’s gonna be one of the biggest fights of the century, you know what I’m saying? [It’s going to be one of the] biggest fights of the year.”

“It’s not about the money at all,” Soulja Boy continued. “It’s about me, my respect as a man. I was disrespected as a man. I was challenged to a fight [and] I accepted the challenge. It’s not about the money. I’ve been making millions of dollars since I was 17 years old. It’s not about the money at all. It’s about my respect. I’ma go into the fight and give it my all and I’ma knock his a– out.”

Upon training, Soulja Boy says that he’s been mostly focused on his breathing, and has mentioned that he’s had to leave smoking alone.

“I smoke a lot so I had to put down the weed,” he says.

Soulja Boy also spoked on claims that the fight is taking place in Dubai due to rules and regulations rejecting the fight from taking place on U.S. turf.

“I don’t know where that came from,” he adds. “We supposed to fight in [Las] Vegas or L.A., that’s what Floyd [Mayweather] said. Floyd Mayweather’s my trainer [and] he said Mayweather Promotions, we gonna do Las Vegas or we gonna do Los Angeles in March … I got two months to train … I just got off the phone with Floyd Mayweather, man, we doing it in [Las] Vegas in March.”

He also continued as he says he’s sure he will take home the win: “I think I’m gonna win. I’m not saying it’s gonna be an easy win but I think that I’m gonna win for sure.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the reporter asked Soulja Boy if he had a message for his opponent, to which Soulja replied: “Ay, man, after the fight we can shake hands and be friends.”


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