J-Hen Releases New Single “On To The Next”

Heres what J-Hen had to say in an exclusive interview with Go 58 News:

Where did the name J-Hen come from?

J-Hen comes from my first and last names. The J comes from my first name, James and the Hen comes from my last name, Henry.

How much influence has your parents had in your musical career?

My parents have had an impactful influence on my music career. Especially my mom, who runs our label Hipstars Entertainment. They have also invested a lot of time and financial support as well.

What label are looking at to sign?

I would love to be able to sign to a major label such as Sony, Republic, or Universal. However, whatever direction God leads our team we will follow.


How can an artist effectively grow their following based on your experience?

For artist to effectively grow their following based on my experience, they have to first of all be consistent in their daily interaction with their followers. And secondly, have a great marketing strategy to follow.

Do you think an artist needs a team?

Most definitely, I think very artist needs a good team behind them.

On To The Next is the new single, how did the collaboration with YNG Rell come about?

That collaboration came about at the Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studio in Miami, Florida. I was down in Miami with  some of Cash Money.Rich Gang’s writers and producers working on a track and they called Yng Rell in to do  the rap part on the single. Our music styles connected right away.

Why did you become a singer instead of a rapper?

I actually started out as a rapper, but quickly decided to become a singer instead because I liked the way my voice sounded singing. Plus the artist I was listening to were all R&B/Pop singers.


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